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Avani Patel, Hypnotherapist Coach

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Avani Patel, Hypnotherapist Coach

Do you have that inner yearning to explore the depths of your inner being but not where to begin? Let me guide & support you to tap into the incredible power of your subconscious mind, uncovering insights and wisdom that can guide you on your path. The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your home. Let's work together to unlock your hidden potential and find clarity and purpose in your life's journey.

Explore a range of transformative services tailored to suit your unique needs:

Past Life Regression: Discover your past lives to uncover how they shape your present. Gain insights into your current challenges, themes, relationships, and gifts. This journey helps you release old emotions and gain a clearer perspective on your life.

Life Between Lives: Journey into the space between incarnations to gain profound insights into your life's purpose and lessons. By connecting with guides, soul groups, and the soul council, you'll unravel the deeper meanings behind your life experiences and the intentional choices you've made. This newfound insight empowers you to fully embrace your life's journey with clarity and purpose.

Spiritual Hypnosis: Immerse yourself in the realm of spirituality through guided hypnosis, allowing you to connect deeply with your innermost self and access elevated states of consciousness for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Explore a selection of seven beautifully crafted hypnosis sessions, including options such as "Meeting Your Spirit Guide," "Exploring Ancestral Lineage," and "Soul Cleanse." Each session offers a unique opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, guiding you towards greater clarity, insight, and inner peace.

Abundance Hypnosis: Unlock the money blocks that resides within you, keeping you from achieving abundance. Our hypnosis sessions help rewire your mind, attracting prosperity and fulfillment into your life effortlessly. Unlock a mindset of abundance and embrace a richer, more fulfilling life.

Hypnotherapy for Personal Transformation: Whether you're looking to conquer fears, enhance confidence, reach weight loss goals, improve sleep, or alleviate stress, these targeted hypnotherapy sessions are designed to address specific challenges and empower you to live your best life.

Past Life Therapy Integration through Coaching: Learn how to use profound insights gained from past life regression with actionable steps for present-life transformation and continuous personal growth. Through personalized coaching sessions, we'll explore how past life experiences influence your current challenges, empowering you to apply these insights in your daily life for deep healing, growth, and heightened self-awareness.

Take charge of your life's journey and tap into the remarkable power of your subconscious mind. Today marks the start of your path to incredible personal growth, deep healing, and meaningful transformation. Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary—embrace the opportunity to shape your life YOUR WAY. Reach out now to unlock your limitless potential and start living the life you've always imagined. Your journey to a brighter future begins today with a simple decision—take that step forward.

From The Owner

Welcome to Eternal Alchemists, where we create our reality by connecting within to create a ripple effect for everyone around us. Time to discover who you truly are when you are in your authentic power.