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Free Life-Changing Resources Available for Download

Headshot of Avani Patel.

Avani Patel. Photo credit Avani Patel.

Coach and transformational expert Avani Patel is offering a free guide—5 Steps to an Unstoppable 2024 for Driven Women—and a free “Empowered” masterclass, available for download on her website.

With 20-plus years’ experience in the corporate world and a deep understanding of the challenges and pressures faced by professional women, Patel’s mission is to help individuals find balance, purpose and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

The struggle of many women to prove themselves at work while also juggling family, friends, events and never-ending to-dos often leads to burnout. Chicago-area resident Patel has experienced the challenges of burnout firsthand.

“I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed, stressed and lost,” Patel affirms. “This is exactly why I created my free guide to support you in making 2024 unlike any year before. Not only will you gain the exact tools, secrets and daily habits that I used to go from feeling frustrated to excited, but you will also get my free ‘Empowered’ masterclass, which will continue to support you with more time, balance and energy this year.”

For more information and to download the free resources, visit