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Intention setting while bathing transforms the experience into a sacred ritual connecting your body, mind and spirit. Our products were consciously formulated and blessed to nurture this approach.

Imagine a bathing ritual so sacred and empowering, you'll find an excuse to do it twice. Ascend to new heights as you experience the enhanced power of layering our intention skincare products for the ultimate in conscious living.

You're already bathing, why not elevate the experience into your daily intention-setting practice. Enhanced with crystals, moon water and pure essential oils.


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I purchased an intention kit from Brittany at the Skokie Body Mind Spirit Expo and was highly impressed. The cream was my favorite piece of the kit. As I've gotten older, my skin does not respond to lotions as well. I used the cream once and my skin was noticeably softer, even my partner noticed. I also enjoy the smell very much and the crystal was a sweet touch.

Service on Aug 14