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Eco-Friendly Insulation Company: Saves Money and Resources

Mar 31, 2011 11:08AM ● By Carrie Jackson

As any homeowner knows, maintaining a home is getting increasingly expensive. Without proper insulation, a home’s precious and costly heat and air conditioning can leak out, while toxins from the outdoors can leak in. Yet some standard insulation materials can be harmful to the environment. EcoTec Insulation, with locations in Skokie and Northbrook, uses an all-natural foam insulation made from castor oil that weatherizes houses while allowing them to breathe and while filtering unclean air from the outdoors.

Owner Brian Holtzman says his business stands apart for its devotion to indoor air quality. Since the average person spends 70 percent of his or her life indoors, he says, getting rid of stale air is imperative. Eco Tech’s Icynene Insulation System is unique in that it basically prohibits leakage. “Foam insulation provides a barrier that prevents the exchange of air from inside and outside the house,” explains Holtzman. “It essentially shrink-wraps your house.” The system saves money on heating and cooling bills, reduces energy consumption and ensures the healthful quality of indoor air.

For more than 25 years, Eco Tech’s installers have worked in homes and commercial spaces throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, ensuring that each project is done safely, efficiently and economically. “Saving energy, money and the environment is our goal,” says Holtzman.

EcoTec Insulation is located at 5200 Main St., Skokie 60077, with additional locations in Northbrook, Chicago and Milwaukee. For more information, call 847-675-1400 or visit

Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based freelance writer and blogger. Visit her at