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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Year of the Snake Inspires Spiritual Rebirth

Dec 26, 2012 11:59AM

February 10 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year 4710, when the flamboyant, charismatic water dragon makes way for the mystical, mysterious water snake. One of 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, the snake represents cosmic awareness and sage spirituality. Just as a snake periodically sheds its old skin to reveal a new one underneath, so the Year of the Snake offers a symbolic opportunity for spiritual rebirth.

The Tai Chi Center of Chicago is the perfect place to shed our old skin and rid ourselves of outmoded habits. Through practices that promote awareness, balance, strength and stillness, we can improve our health and harmonize the union of body, mind and spirit within the natural world.Tai Chi Center Chicago

Now in its seventh year, the Tai Chi Center offers classes in Tai chi, qigong, meditation, yoga, aerial yoga and beginning this month, Zen yoga. Join them as they follow the illusive snake in its exploration of life’s mysteries and wonders.

Location: 4043 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste. 201-228. For more information, visit