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Raydiant Day Pathways Opens in Evanston

Peter and Aliess Kime

Raydiant Day is celebrating its new Center for Raydiant Life Fitness, located at 1400 Greenleaf Street, in Evanston, by offering free classes throughout October. Owner Aliess Kime says, “The mission of Raydiant Day is to help you create your most radiant life, day-to-day, being your most authentic, joyful, wise, impassioned, capable, creative, loving self.”

Raydiant Day uses a new process called Raydiant Pathways, developed by her husband, Peter. Each Pathway incorporates interactive Raydiant Lightware panels, consisting of a matrix of colored geometries, shapes and lines that resonates with the inner dynamics of “coming into being”. This new visual tool works in the realm of eternal archetypes to reconnect people with their higher truth, power and love.

Completing a Raydiant Pathway is said to bring forth renewed energy, confidence, capability and hope, and can be used to respond to any challenge or support any goal in life. October’s classes include Chakra Pathway on October 8, Fit for Life Mission Pathway on October 18 and Circle Self Pathway on October 25. The Raydiant Pathway sessions, led by Peter, help embrace life’s changes with purpose and creativity.

For more information, call 847-869-6477, email [email protected] or visit