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Discover the Inner Alchemy of the KUNLUN® System

Jen Heine

KUNLUN System six-year apprentice Jen Heine is offering individuals the chance to experience self-awakening, self-healing and self-knowing at their own pace. Registration is now open for a Level 1 KUNLUN System class on October 25. The class teaches 5-Element Nei Gung, One Breath and Three Ones Meditation. She is also available for regular free chats on this system.

“Due to other systems of enlightenment that may increase the fire element or chi without proper preparation of magnetic heart field,” says Heine, “the KUNLUN System must be practiced as a complete system not mixed with other systems of enlightenment. Our practices are water element and from the cosmos, bringing down the heavens to Earth with healing and calming results.”

Costs vary. For more information, email [email protected] or visit and