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Ellen Goode Helps People Rebuild Their Lives

Ellen Goode

In practice since 1988, Ellen Goode is certified in bio-energetic analysis (a form of body-based psychotherapy), addiction counseling and somatic therapy. She works with addictions, childhood abuse or trauma, depression, anxiety, relational conflicts, personal growth and self-expression development. Goode has more than 2,000 hours of training in multiple forms of bodywork therapy, including more than 200 hours of training in Ortho-Bionomy.

Body-based psychotherapy helps individuals free themselves of the physical and emotional bonds that dull their experience of life and allows them to build the strength for deeper self-expression. Goode states, “This is not a technique about how to ‘do it better’ or just an intellectual analysis of your past. This is a form of therapy that helps restore a healthy, realistic, expressively human connection between body and mind; rebuilding our relationship with ourselves, life and others, respectfully and with integrity.”

Through the use of specialized exercises and psychotherapy, individuals begin to increase awareness of how they live and carry themselves in their body, and build support to be more freely and profoundly who they want to be.

Location: 7330 N. Rogers Ave., Chicago. For a consultation, call 312-504-4106 or visit