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Workshop on How Hemp Products Bring Legal Health Benefits

Marjan Parhami-Mendelsohn

Join the founder of Hemp for Fitness, Marjan Parhami-Mendelsohn, for an interactive talk about the benefits of cannabis, on January 21 at Antalee Wellness Center & Spa, in Glenview, discussing cannabinol (CBD) and how it can relieve stress, pain and discomfort. Attendees will learn about how hemp-based CBD can dramatically improve quality of life without any  negative or harmful side effects. Topics include lowering inflammation across the board; lessening aches and pains along with stress, depression and anxiety; successfully treating symptoms of arthritis; and much more.

        For four years, she has researched hemp-based, CBD-rich products and their benefits and found that CBD and cannabinoid therapy is one of the most profound natural treatments for the majority of aging symptoms. Hemp for Fitness, LLC, is among the most trusted and well-respected organizations within the U.S., Canada, Czech Republic, France and England.


Location: Antalee Wellness Center, 1836 Glenview Rd, 2nd Floor, Glenview, 60025. For event details, call 847-486-1130. For more information, visit and See Antalee ad in the Community Resource Guide.