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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Real Change : Takes Place Within

Dec 27, 2016 09:58PM ● By Mark Anthony Lord

There is within us the greatest power ever created. There is not a manmade energy that is stronger, nor will there ever be. This power is everywhere we are; it never gets depleted nor does it run out of solutions. Every single person uses this power each day, but so many are unaware that they are misusing it and unschooled in how to use it to create productive and positive change.

         It is the I AM presence. It is that which is called life. It is the undeniable energy of love that heals, mends and causes miracles. Great sages, saints and awakened ones have come throughout the centuries, telling the people of this power and that it was within them, but they had not ears to hear—it was too much to comprehend—so they made the messenger the miracle instead of allowing the miracle within them to awaken.

         Now is the time for us to awaken, even more than ever before, to this amazing power within. The first step is to become very conscious around how we are misusing our I AM. To the best of our ability, when we negatively use it against yourself or another (i.e., “I am stupid, I can’t do this.”), that is the time to pause, take a breath and cancel that thought. We can simply say, “Cancel that thought. That was not the most positive and powerful use of my I AM resource. I will send that back and recreate a higher, more kind and loving experience.”

         This is not woo-woo, this is how it works. As we begin another new year greater than any goal or intention we may have set, our willingness to get clean and clear with the use of our I AM will take us farther than we could ever imagine down our path to manifesting anything we desire, and more importantly, feeling good within ourselves. Getting our I AM lined up with kindness and care for ourselves and others will move mountains; synchronicities will begin happening more and more and we will feel a peace of mind that will become unshakable.

         These are all ours and always have been. If we are ready to receive these amazing gifts, the world needs each of us to wake up and become more conscious of our part in creating greater peace. It doesn’t begin out there in the world. It starts in each of our own minds and hearts. That’s where real change takes place.


Since 2000, Chicago’s Rev. Mark Anthony Lord has been inspiring leaders, groups and audiences to become empowered and to take the leap into greater success, personal responsibility, and happiness. He is the Spiritual Leader of the Mala Project, a virtual  global, spiritual community dedicated to waking up through the practice of collective meditation, prayer, love and laughter. For more information, email [email protected] or visit