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Natural Awakenings Chicago

A Place for Spiritual Deepening

Dec 26, 2018 07:33PM

The Spiritual Forum is a place for spiritual deepening, but is quite different from church. It’s a weekly, dialogue-centered gathering that takes place on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. at The Patty Turner Center, in Deerfield, that is also produced as a podcast.

       They engage in dialogue on spiritual topics presented and facilitated by Unity minister Rev. Carol Saunders. She says, “We are a spirit-led voice of awakening in the world. Those who come here are committed to putting into practice oneness and mindful living. Our dialogue is unique because people speak from a place of self-inquiry, not from knowledge, analysis or opinion, and the authentic sharing that takes place helps each of us deepen and grow in our own spiritual life. Everyone comes away touched by the humanity they experience, whether they share or just listen. We welcome new voices and listeners of all beliefs and faith traditions.”

Location: The Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm St., Deerfield. For more information, visit or listen to The Spiritual Forum podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud or any podcast app.