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Thrive MD: Grows and Adds New Therapies

Mar 25, 2019 09:37PM

For more than five years, patients have been going to thriveMD, in Schaumburg, for its proactive approach to health care and commitment to whole body wellness. Now with a newly expanded space, the clinic is able to broaden the array of services they offer and make room for new technology such as a cryotherapy sauna and lymphatic enhancement therapy devices. These innovative new therapies complement existing services, like bioidentical hormone replacement and IV therapy, to make thriveMD one of the most progressive clinics in the area.

        The team at thriveMD focuses on health optimization and natural methods whenever possible. Gregory Seaman, M.D., is an alternative medicine doctor who opened the clinic in 2014 to offer personalized holistic healthcare whenever possible, combined with cutting-edge technology. “I use a wide range of tests specifically tailored to identify underlying deficiencies and provide therapies designed to address them effectively. Health optimization includes lifestyle modification, healthy weight management, hormone optimization, vitamin and nutrient supplementation, when appropriate,” says Seaman.

        In the last several months, thriveMD has introduced several new therapies to complement the range of services they already offer. One of these is lymphatic enhancement therapy, or L.E.T., which is designed to detoxify soft tissue, improve immune system function and reduce swelling. “When the lymph system gets sluggish or blocked, inflammation begins, and it becomes a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells,” says Seaman. L.E.T. is a noninvasive procedure using vibrational energy administered by a device that encompasses light, sound and electrostatic currents which help activate the parasympathetic nervous system. The frequencies ionize the tissue, causing waste that has collected and is sitting in the soft tissue to break apart and move into the lymph system, where it is flushed out, restoring the body to a balanced state.

        The clinic is also offering colon hydrotherapy, which is a gentle rinsing of the lower intestine with warm water to promote detoxification and maintain regularity. Their certified colon hydrotherapist uses a state-of-the-art system to help push waste through the gastrointestinal tract, clearing the way for proper nutrient absorption. This releases layers of colon buildup and rids it of waste and toxins. “Patients often feel lighter and have more energy after just one cleanse, and it can help kick-start the metabolism and increase the body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients,” says Seaman.

        With the newly expanded space, thriveMD has been able to install a cryotherapy chamber, which is used to accelerate the body’s natural recovery by temporarily exposing it to sub-zero temperatures. This whole body hypothermia therapy, during which a patient spends between one and three minutes in temperatures as low as minus 180 degrees, is designed to reduce inflammation and pain, boost blood circulation and release endorphins. The body is tricked into thinking it is freezing, which triggers blood to accumulate in the core, expand and purify the capillaries. Cryotherapy has been shown to be an effective therapy for soft tissue pain and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, and many athletes use it to speed up recovery time after a strenuous workout.

        ThriveMD is also introducing exosome therapy, a signaling molecule that activates stem cells within our bodies. The exosomes send signals to stem cells we already have, but are dormant. “By providing regenerative cellular signals under the control of messenger and micro RNA, we believe it is possible to instantiate healing processes that can benefit patients of any age. It’s not about just getting more years out of your life, but more life out of your years,” says Seaman.

        These new therapies are designed to work in conjunction with IV vitamin and nutrient therapies, intramuscular vitamin injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, medical weight loss, high-quality supplements and other natural therapies in which thriveMD specializes. They are one of the only clinics in the area to offer  hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid transdermal technology (HOCATT), their ozone steam sauna that detoxifies the body on a cellular level. “One 30-minute session in the HOCATT gives patients an infusion of ozone, carbon dioxide, steam, photon light and oxygen, which can help strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, slow down the aging process and generally help the body to function more optimally so it can heal itself. We are continuously pursuing cutting-edge therapies in order to provide the best options for health optimization,” says Seaman.


ThriveMD is located at 1355 Remington Rd., Ste. 1, in Schaumburg. For more information, call 312-600-5070, email [email protected], or visit

Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Chicago magazine. Connect at