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Treat Allergies Without Drugs

Individuals can have all of their allergies and sensitivities relieved at the Midwest Allergy Relief Center, in Arlington Heights. Patients can be easily and safely treated for the effects of 400,000 substances, barometric pressure and humidity, as well as hundreds of food items, indoor and outdoor allergens, pets and personal care items.

Owner Dr. Amanda Thiry, DC, BSN, says, “Patients who have visited many doctors, including specialists, due to symptoms that seem to have no medical explanation have gone to Midwest Allergy Relief as a last resort, only to find it should have been the first therapy they should have tried.” InLight medical infrared light therapy uses the shortest wavelength, which means it can penetrate the deepest and bring healing to many tissues in the body.

Her motto is, “No needles, no drugs, no herbal remedies, no supplements, no avoidance.”

Location: 3365 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. D. For more information and to make appointments, call 847-392-7901, email [email protected] or visit