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VIDEO SERIES: Tips for These Times - with Polly Lionitis of Zen Shiatsu Chicago

How can we maintain our peace in uncertain times?
What can you do to maintain balance in daily life?
What can we do to feel more at ease?

Polly Liontis (LMT, AOBTA - CP) from Zen Shiatsu Chicago talks with Natural Awakenings Chicago publisher Peggy Malecki about these topics and more.

Polly began her working life in the performing arts as a pianist, actress, singer, drama coach, and stage director. After giving birth to her daughter, she moved into the healing arts of Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Meditation. Currently she works as a Shiatsu Practitioner and Yoga/Meditation Instructor at North Shore University Health System’s integrative Medicine Program, and Shiatsu Practitioner, Instructor, and Clinic Mentor at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. Polly teaches Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra at Evolution Yoga in Glenview.

Zen Shiatsu Chicago - Evanston IL

Zen Shiatsu Chicago

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