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New Joliet Office Now Open for National Lymphatic Centers

National Lymphatic Centers, located at 5002 Main Street, Suite A in Downers Grove, has opened a second office at 3100 Theodore Street, Suite 202, in Joliet, and updated their website. The Joliet office offers ultrasound diagnostics with online scheduling, and the first visit is $100.

Owner Sharon M. Vogel says, “Our newest location came by direct invitation from Dr. Reedy, a vein doctor, and Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Hsu, dermatologists, knowing that a lymphatic practitioner is quite complementary. If someone has any swelling, they can reach out as we are experts. We are pre-surgery lymphatic massage therapists. It’s important to open pathways and alleviate fascia restrictive adhesions or swelling before any surgery so fluids can drain properly and the body can heal quicker. Sometimes people swell because fluid is trapped and just cannot get out.”

For more information, call 630-241-4100 or visit