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Kadampa Offers New Programs in January

Gen Kelsang Zamling

Kadampa Meditation Center (KMC) Chicago, in Oak Park, will host monthly workshops and retreats via livestream in the coming year, as well as weekly drop-in meditation classes that emphasize gaining deep spiritual experience to integrate into daily life. On January 2, 2021, a workshop, Forget Willpower, Try Wisdom, will help anyone establish long-term healthy spiritual habits, followed by a one-week meditation retreat on the stages of the path to Enlightenment from January 14 through 19. A beginner-friendly Learn to Meditate workshop is offered on January 23.

Gen Kelsang Zamling, ordained Buddhist monk and principal meditation teacher at KMC Chicago, says, “Now more than ever, we need to cultivate the inner protection of spiritual experience, because our normal methods to protect ourselves from our inner problems of anger, depression and unhappiness are not working, and as a society we don’t know how practically to solve our local and world problems and to live in harmony with one another.”


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