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Saving the World One Soul at a Time

Nina Yefimov

Holistic Center of Health and Happiness is offering healing spiritual wellness retreats in Arizona and other places this year to restore vitality and balance, and instill knowledge to use in daily life.

Owner Nina Yefimov says, “For me, there is no greater value in life than seeing the transformation in the lives of my clients. When they become happier, it transforms my life, as well. Emotional and mental blockages hold people unhappy and bring illnesses. People are more influenced by viruses and other illnesses when they are unhappy, when they live in fear. We need to understand, the world is changing and we need to change, as well. The faster we accept that, the faster we can go on with our lives. When people change from the inside-out, they can spread love, happiness and joy. That is what we are offering to our clients during our retreats and consultations.”


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