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Mobile Screening Services Offer Insight Into Hidden Health Conditions

Headshot of Erica Cody

Erica Cody

Northwest Medical Thermography is now offering more screening options with mobile ultrasound and thermography services, as well as a Women’s Health Check Screening at practitioner offices across the greater Chicago area. The company is also seeking practitioner partners to make their services available in more locations in northeast Illinois.

Inflammation can occur throughout the body and indicate dysfunction, illness and serious illness, but may go undetected until a medical emergency happens, says owner and founder Erica Cody. Non-invasive, painless, preventive screenings can detect conditions at an early stage, allowing individuals to be aware of what is happening in their body and choose what medical action they may want to take. All screenings are done by an experienced, certified technician, with private results prepared by a radiologist M.D.

Screenings focus on the upper body, including all major organs, female and male reproductive systems, thyroid, carotid artery and veins and arteries of the upper and lower extremities. The Women’s Health Check includes thermography screening for issues that women are most concerned about, including dental, TMJ, thyroid, heart, lymphatic and breast health, as well as signs of imbalanced hormone levels and autoimmune indicators.

For appointments, more information, to schedule an appointment or to bring mobile screenings to a practitioner office, call Erica Cody at 224-600-3216 or visit