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Revive Emotional Health at Women’s Wellness Retreats

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The Holistic Center of Health and Happiness is offering non-religious, healing, Wellness Weekend retreats for women in July and August in Indiana. Participants will be surrounded by the high-energy atmosphere of the Lindenwood Retreat Center, in Plymouth, to restore vitality and destress, and apply knowledge to use in daily life.

Owner Nina Yefimov says, “Emotional health is the key to happiness in all aspects of life. When we want to have a happy relationship, we need to be in a healthy emotional state. When we want to be successful in our career and make beneficial decisions and correct steps in life, we need to be in a balanced emotional state. When we want to be healthy and not allow stressful situations to affect our life, we need to have a happy emotional state.”

For more information including costs and dates, and to register, call 224-688-0155 or visit