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Singing Bowls for Improved Concentration

A woman sitting on the floor in a medatative sit holding a sound bowl.

Photo by Pixel-Shot for Adobe Stock.

Sound bowl therapy is a method of sound healing that uses a singing bowl to induce a meditative state. Rhythm and frequency are used to attune brainwaves to a stable frequency as one form of energy healing, similar to music, for therapeutic, mood-altering effects.

Because singing bowls can quiet the mind, improve focus and make us feel more relaxed, their use can lead to a range of health improvements such as calming the nervous system; coping with symptoms tied to chronic stress; improving mood; decreasing depression and anxiety symptoms; deepening meditation and focus; boosting creativity and decision-making; managing chronic pain; improving sleep and reducing insomnia; and supporting both cardiovascular and digestive health.



1.    Use a yoga mat, cushion or towel to get into a comfortable position.

2.    Start with some breathing exercises to calm the body and thoughts. Focus on the sounds in the environment, as well as your breathing, to keep the mind clear of any thoughts.

3.    Press a soft mallet against the outside edge of the bowl and move it around the rim in a circular motion until the bowl starts to “sing”.

4.    Make clear, bright sounds by gently striking the inside of the bowl.


Sound bowls establish a point of focus to quiet the mind and let thoughts go, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to help feel more relaxed, restored and introspective.


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