Eliminate Pain by Using Rolfing and Pilates

Whole Body Kinetics has opened on the second floor of 5301 N. Clark Street, in the heart of Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. Owner Brendan Gibbs says his practice uses a combination of manual therapy skills, including Structural Integration-Rolfing, to align the body and reduce pain. He further incorporates Pilates and Movement Education to address efficient movement patterns. He will be hosting an informative meeting at 2 p.m., December 15, to discuss how Structural Integration and Rolfing align the body through the connective tissue matrix called the fascia system.

        Gibbs says, “We will discuss how Pilates works with Rolfing to further promote the alignment, structural organization and whole body connectedness, and how Structural Integration can improve your energy and help make you feel younger. Special emphasis will be placed on how fascia contributes to muscular imbalances and influences our movement patterns that can lead to pain.”


Admission is free. Hors d’oeuvres will be served, followed by Q&A. For more information, call 773-963-2358, email WholeBodyKinetics@gmail.com or visit WholeBodyKinetics.com.



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