New Diagnostic Test Finds Imbalances

Natalia Ivashchenko, ND

Natalia Ivashchenko, ND, owner of Holistic Healthy Path, LLC, uses the new Sensitiv Imago technology to help clients get on the path to a more balanced state of full body health. She says, “An unbalanced body is a compromised health state. Our whole body noninvasive equipment scan provides a 96 percent accuracy snapshot of your current health state to identify underlying sources of health issues.” Other therapies include homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine, botanicals and enzymes.

       Ivashchenko employs the Sensitiv Imago scanner for initial consultations at her Schaumburg and Homer Glen offices. It provides a full scan and diagnosis in one hour, including identification of all possible diseases, causes of diseases, history of diseases and pathogens. It also identifies allergens, food additives, toxic metals, EMF and contaminants.

       Scanning is a powerful tool to aid in rebalancing the body, says Ivashchenko. A bio-resonance scan can show hereditary predisposition for diseases and includes a non-invasive biochemical blood analysis. Microflora analysis detects viruses, bacteria and other invaders. Allergens and their causes can be revealed, plus the acid/alkali balance in the tissues and changes in organ function.

       Ivashchenko received Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner degrees. She is board-certified by the American Alternative Medical Association as an Alternative Medical Practitioner.


Locations: 715 E. Golf Rd., Ste. 206, Schaumburg; 12137 Longmeadow Ln., Homer Glen. For appointments, call 815-793-5651. For more information, visit



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