Proven and Effective Ways to Improve Brain Health

by Tiffany Hinton

With June dedicated to Alzheimer’s awareness and cognitive wellness, the importance of brain health is becoming more of a hot topic. Making small changes in the way we approach and take care of our brains can lead to positive, long-term results. Brain fog, migraines, mental and emotional exhaustion and anxiety can all be traced to brain health concerns. Whether or not we are impacted by these, the following tips are a great way to avoid or decrease our risk.

Increase activity or exercise - Movement is one of the key links in improving brain health. Learning a new dance, exercise style or another type of movement works to create new brain connections and regenerate a healthier brain.

Eliminate the big three - Address diet by eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar. While the brain is involved in all bodily functions, the gut is in charge of the brain. Removing wheat, dairy and sugar, and adopting more veggies, fruits and non-farm-raised fish, can help improve our gut and brain functions.

Adopt intermittent fasting - Unlike diets, this method takes a time-based approach to eating. Setting a regular schedule for eating and fasting has the potential to protect against neurodegeneration, one of the main causes of conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Reduce stress - Meditation and mindset training can aid in reducing stress and improving mental health. Try adding in this practice to a daily routine at a time length that fits our schedule. Be sure to set aside time each day to reflect, or use an app for a more guided practice.

Taking the time to implement one or all of these tips can be critical to improving brain health.


Tiffany Hinton is a functional medicine-certified health coach. For more information, visit or



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Proven and Effective Ways to Improve Brain Health

With June dedicated to Alzheimer’s awareness and cognitive wellness, the importance of brain health is becoming more of a hot topic.


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