Learn Secrets of the Pyramids

The second biennial International Global Pyramid Conference—The Healing Power of Pyramids—will be held from September 20 to 23 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago North Shore Hotel, featuring 20 world-class speakers. They include international medical doctors, researchers, scientists, healers and architects.

Among the speakers and topics are:

  • Dr. Ibrahim Karim (Egypt) “The Pyramid Portal” and “Pyramid Subtle Energy Analysis” 
  • Dr. Kathy Forti (USA) “The Atlantean Egyptian Healing Connection”
  • Dr. Assia Bennouar (Algeria) “Pyramid Healing”
  • Dr. Glen Swartwout (Hawaii, USA) “Nous Energy: Healing Power of the Pyramids”
  • Pari Patri (USA) “Pyramid Movement of India/Practical Pyramid Applications”
  • Brahmarshi Patriji (India) “Pyramid Energy Meditation for Total Healing of Masses”
  • Igor Pitonak (Slovakia) “Magnetism and the Healing Aspect of the Pyramids”
  • Dr. Beverly Rubik (USA) “Experiments with Pyramidal Structures and Energy Healing”
  • David Sereda (Canada) “The Great Pyramid and Your Light-body” among others.


The conference is sponsored this year by Spirit College and the Global Pyramid Network. The International Global Pyramid Conference is the largest conference exploring the power of pyramids. Experts from across the world will gather to learn about new findings, healing tools and techniques presented by high-level speakers.

Location: 9599 Skokie Blvd., Skokie. For more information, call 773-736-1707, email Info@GlobalPyramidConference.com or visit GlobalPyramidConference.com.



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