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New Sound Journey Series Offers Unique Event

Soul Energy founder Mary Ellen Azzi combines her passion for sound healing, meditation, crystals, and chakra-clearing energy work to create a very unique sound journey. The Chakra Crystal Meditation & Sound Journey is held twice a month on a Saturday and Thursday evening. The events cycle through the seven main chakras (energy centers) every four months.

When Azzi is asked what to expect from a sound healing, she explains, “It’s different for everyone, not only from each other, but for ourselves... each time. Whether it’s physical relief, mental clearing, emotional release or a spiritual experience… each sound journey is very personal, based on our own higher consciousness and what our souls are ready to process in the present moment.”

Participants are provided crystals to use for the evening. By entering a meditative state, they are ready to fully “receive” the sound. Working with many bowls and some unusual instruments, Azzi provides a unique sound healing experience.

Discounted advance pricing is $33, same day $40. Location: 3323 N. Pulaski, Chicago. For more information or to purchase tickets, see Events at