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Transcend Pain and Stress at Flotstone

Marian McNair, MFA, MATC, will demonstrate her gift with a free crystal bowl sound and frequency healing on November 20 at Flōtstōne-Flotation Therapy, in Lake Bluff. Through uplifting harmonics and frequencies, she creates a calming atmosphere of love and healing. The transcendent tones of crystal bowls and voice allow her to raise the vibrations of individuals and groups.

McNair has been working with sound and vibrational healing more than 25 years along with teaching and studying yoga. Her deepest desire is to bring harmony to every cell and molecule, knowing that once the body, mind and spirit are in total rest, true healing can begin to take place.

She leads monthly vibrational sound healing classes for cancer patients, as well as bringing her naturally intuitive knowledge of sound for women's groups, ceremonies, celebrations and church services throughout the Chicago area.

Admission is free. Location: 57 E. Scranton Ave., Lake Bluff. RSVP to 847-482-1700 or email: [email protected]. For more information, visit and