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Innovative CBD Face Serum Protects Skin

Natural Remedee Health Solutions, based in Schaumburg, is now offering NOX Nitric Oxide + Hemp-Infused Skin Rejuvenation Serum from Prime My Body. It breathes life into skin, flushing impurities and delivering antioxidant-rich CBD and vitamin C and E directly into the dermis. NOX is the world’s only hemp-infused, nitric oxide skin rejuvenation system that uses progressive technology to help skin naturally purify and revive itself.

Infusing skin with nitric oxide invigorates capillary and oxygen circulation, creating wider pathways for increased nutrient absorption into skin cells and tissue. With heightened levels of capillary and oxygen recruitment, the skin benefits from a revival of metabolic function, restoration of cellular health and enhanced defense from the harm of pathogens and toxins.

Supported by capillary and oxygen-rich pathways generated by nitric oxide, NOX’s full spectrum cannabinoids absorb directly into the dermis and communicate effectively with the skin’s endocannabinoid system receptors to better balance skin.

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