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Northwest Healing Center

Feb 29, 2020 ● By Mali Anderson

Erica Cody

Combines Diagnostics for Better Results

by Mali Anderson

The earlier individuals can detect dysfunction in their bodies, the better. Once dysfunction is recognized, steps can be taken to improve an individual’s health. With this in mind, Erica Cody is dedicated to helping people who are seeking a more holistic approach to their healthcare. A holistic professional and the founder of Northwest Healing Center - Lake Barrington, IL, in Lake Barrington, Cody empowers people to take control of their own well-being with the help cutting-edge technology.

Cody’s interest in preventive wellness came after she was paralyzed by Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) in 2010, when she lost the ability to move her body from the neck down, including breathing on her own or even being able to talk. While in the ICU, she was very thankful to receive emergency care.

When Cody had recovered enough to be released from the ICU, she chose to go home and seek holistic treatments such as supplements, chiropractic care and intentional healing. “I will always be thankful for the emergency care I received, but after the emergency was over, I knew there was a better path to wellness and healing through a more holistic approach,” says Cody .

Cody has a background in mechanical engineering and became more involved in the technical modes of supporting holistic health after she married Dr. Michael Cody, a pediatric chiropractor. Sadly, Cody and her children lost him due to a genetic defect that lead to leukemia, and knowing that a genetic defect could exist in their children, she was motivated more than ever to improve her and her children’s lives and the lives of others by detecting dysfunction at the earliest stage possible.

“I understand how it feels to be in the middle of a health emergency. I know what it means to be scared when facing a medical concern. I started Northwest Healing to provide resources and options for people like me seeking a more holistic approach to their health care,” continues Cody. “We provide radiation-free solutions and alternative healing options, providing additional knowledge to help you navigate your personal health care choices.”

Cody launched Northwest Healing Center in 2015. The center began with thermography, a non-invasive, painless screening tool used for detection of active breast cancer, peripheral vascular disease, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease, thyroid gland abnormalities and various other neoplastic, metabolic and inflammatory conditions.

Cody brings her own experience to thermography as she turned to the technology after discovering  lumps in her breast nearly a decade ago. A few years before that, Cody was at a gathering of chiropractors hosted by Patrick Gentempo; over dinner, Dr. Joseph Mercola talked about thermography coming from a holistic point of view and the benefits of  no radiation. Remembering this conversation and wanting to avoid another mammogram because she had been exposed to an excessive amount of radiation while battling GBS, Cody chose thermography and was able to avoid invasive testing and learn that her lump was not cause for alarm.

“Thermography helps identify active cancer in early stages and other dysfunction by the detection of its unique thermal pattern. Thermal imaging makes it possible to detect abnormal activities. Thermography, along with mammograms and ultrasounds, are all wonderful screening tools, each with their own pros and cons. The pro that I love the most with thermography is the ability to detect active breast cancer five to eight years before a lump can be detected by mammography, and the scan is non-invasive,” says Cody. She urges that if you receive a concerning report with any of these screening tool that you seek one of the other technologies to have a different look at your concerns.

After the loss of her husband, Cody was introduced to the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer. An AO Scan identifies frequencies in the human body by analyzing disrupted oscillations due to injury, diet, stress or emotion. When these disruptions happen, the result can be depression, disease, fatigue and illness.

“What I realized is I’d found the perfect team; thermography helps us find pain and dysfunction and the AO Scan helps us to pinpoint the cause of the dysfunction. From there, we can address what our bodies need to be healthier,” continues Cody.

Cody’s professional and personal experience provide alternative options for others. After detecting dysfunctions, a person can use nutrition, exercise and other care such as chiropractic to change a health issue before it becomes an emergency. Offering practical knowledge for your important healthcare decisions, Cody’s mission is to promote health, relaxation and well-being.

To introduce the benefits of pairing the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer and thermography, Cody is offering Natural Awakenings readers $100 off of the half-body thermal scan and the AO Scan when booked together to help individuals move their health in a positive direction.

Northwest Healing Center is located at 22000 N. Pepper Rd., Ste. 1, in Lake Barrington. For more information, call 224-600-3216, email [email protected] or visit