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Openlands Accepting Applications for Grants

Openlands partnered with ComEd in 2013 to begin the Green Region program, and they are accepting applications for grants of up to $10,000 to support open space projects that focus on planning, acquisition and improvements to local parks, natural areas and recreation resources. Grant recipients can use Green Region grants in combination with other funding sources to cover a portion of the expenses associated with developing and/or supporting their open space programs. These grants have facilitated restoration for more than 900 acres of land at 181 community sites, working alongside public agencies to plan, protect and improve open space.

A wide range of projects have been funded by the Green Region Program, including a public-access boardwalk around a wetland at a park with signage interpreting the wildflowers growing in that wetland; and designating a parcel of land to build a public trail and plant prairie wildflowers. Each acre restored creates a large impact for pollinator habitat renewal for our region.

Open space in our communities is a crucial element of the quality of our lives. Municipalities, townships, counties, park districts, conservation districts and forest preserve districts all serve  important roles in preserving open spaces for the public to enjoy nature where they live.

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