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Natural Awakenings Chicago

New Kemetic Music Release by Tchiya Amet

Feb 29, 2020 08:44AM

Tchiya Amet

A new song, Two Roads, is now available from Tchiya Amet, a reggae and world music artist for 30 years, for streaming and downloading. Hiram Broyls is featured on bass, Tim “Cream” Jones on guitar, Adam Zanolini on flute and Chris Pequite on percussion. “This is not a reggae song, not even a meditation song. This is purely original music sharing ancient wisdom,” says Amet.

The message of the music is about making choices in life: choosing spirit over the ego. She says, “This world is an illusion, and once we can embrace this, we’re clearly on the road to enlightenment. Remember: The goal of yoga is unity of body, mind and spirit.”

Amet has been a cosmic sound healer since 2007, and a chantress, kemetic singing priestess since 2017. KemeTones also offers special guest healer/presentations at the Light Being Wellness Center.

Kemetones Cosmic Sound Healing - Chicago, IL and Light Being Wellness Center are located at 8008 S. Ellis Ave., Ste. 2, Chicago. For more information, call 773-571-1591 or visit