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Unique "Superhuman Protocol" Speeds Healing Process

Image courtesy of thriveMD

The Superhuman Protocol (SP) is a unique combination of three services, done in a specific order, designed to replace much of what the body needs and has lost over time. Schaumburg-based thriveMD is one of the only SP providers in the area to offer these wellness services. Treatments can be purchased individually, in packages or through a membership program to get the greatest benefit.

The benefits of each unique modality in the SP protocol work synergistically to provide optimal binding of oxygen with a patient’s red blood cells, as well as delivering oxygenated red blood cells to distal tissues to decrease inflammation, increase healing and more efficiently make energy.

SP can restore the slight negative polarity across red blood cells (helping them to repel each other and therefore be better able to bind and carry oxygen); alkalize the body; open up microcirculation (getting blood to distal tissues); flood the body with oxygen; and help that oxygen get into the cells by breaking the bond between nitric oxide and cytochrome c oxidase.

The first modality, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, will help to restore the slight negative charge in the body and help red blood cells repel each other to better bind and carry oxygen. This slight negative charge also helps to alkalize the body and open up microcirculation. This has been practiced in principle for years by a process referred to as grounding. With grounding, a person places their bare feet on the ground and allows some of the electrons from the earth to enter their body through their feet, thus restoring this critical negative charge.

The second modality is exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), which involves exercising while breathing concentrated oxygen at concentrations of greater than 90 percent, rather than the 21 percent of room air.

thriveMD’s founder and functional medicine doctor Gregory Seaman, M.D., says, “When we go to the gym and begin to work out a muscle, everyone thinks that the blood vessels dilate to bring more blood to that working muscle and thereby bring that muscle the increased oxygen it needs to keep performing the work. This is true, but not for the reasons many of us think. When the muscle starts performing the exercise, one of the first things that happens is that muscle begins to make CO2 which is a very common waste product of cellular metabolism. CO2 is one of the most potent vasodilators known to exist, and that is what actually dilates the blood vessel, thus bringing that oxygenated blood to the muscle to maintain peak performance.”

The final modality of this trio is red light bed therapy, or photobiomodulation. This involves exposing the skin to specific wavelengths of red and infrared light. When it hits the skin, the light energy is absorbed into the cells and basically kicks out damaging free radicals, allowing oxygen to get into the cell and help with energy (ATP) production on the cellular level.

These multiple wavelengths of light cause nitric oxide to dissociate from cytochrome c oxidase, which has several beneficial effects. First, the dissociated nitric oxide hits the arterial walls on its way out, which causes vasodilation. In addition, breaking the bond between nitric oxide and cytochrome c oxidase allows oxygen to bind in its place, allowing oxygen into the cell, where it can be used to efficiently produce ATP on the cellular level.

thriveMD uses the Bemer mat for the PEMF portion, the Maxx O2 system for the EWOT portion and the ThereLight 360 red light bed (one of the strongest red light beds on the market) for the photobiomodulation portion of the protocol. The SP is a prime example of thriveMD’s desire to employ the latest high-tech modalities together in a synergistic fashion to help clients reach their health optimization goals.

thriveMD is located at 1355 Remington Rd., Ste. I, in Schaumburg. For a consultation, call 312-600-5070. For more information, visit