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Federal Financial Aid for Healing Arts Careers at Zen Shiatsu

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Federal financial aid of up to 100 percent is now available for students to support their transition into a rewarding career at Zen Shiatsu Chicago, in Evanston. Graduates meet the educational requirements for licensure as both a massage therapist and a traditional Asian healing therapist under a forthcoming 2021 licensing law. Classes start in spring, summer, fall and winter, and admissions coordinators can help applicants explore the possibilities.

Scholarships and work study programs are available to help cover the differences between a student’s individual award and the total tuition costs.

The program is ideal for students to learn holistic bodywork rooted in Asian healing traditions. Graduates can help with the same conditions that benefit from massage, and with the same conditions that benefit from acupuncture, including injury, stress relief, digestive disturbances, respiratory illness, chronic conditions like COVID-19-protracted syndromes and more. Students will explore Chinese medical theory topics such as the mind-body connection, emotional health and spiritual evolution, and our reciprocal relationship with our environment.

Location: 818 Lake St. For more information or to apply, call 847-864-1130 or visit