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Meet the Tummy Whisperer

Headshot of Reneé Barasch standing next to a tree in a blue sweatshirt

Reneé Barasch is practicing with limited office hours at North Shore Pro-Active Health, in Libertyville, in addition to providing telehealth services. To celebrate, she will host a Meet the Tummy Whisperer open house from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m., July 20.

Barasch says, “Good health starts with good digestion. Too many people aren’t finding the solutions to their health issues. They have tried various approaches and are confused with the conflicting information that exists about how to care for their bodies. My approach is different. I take an individualized, science-based approach to figuring out my clients’ unique digestive and nutritional needs and help them restore their bodies’ balance naturally.”

At North Shore Pro-Active Health, sister physicians Dr. Jordan Leasure and Dr. Jade Dellinger (Leasure) treat each patient like family, from prenatal and pediatric care to functional medicine services, addressing aches and pains, hot flashes, weight loss and sleep.


Admission is free with RSVP to [email protected]. For more information, visit and