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Zyto Scan Provides a Digital Body Analysis

The word ZYTO in blue, all caps.

Wellness Empowered features Zyto Scan services in Northbrook. The practice is offering one complementary session of the modality with the purchase of a cell well-being digital hair analysis through August 31.

Zyto technology doesn’t identify, diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition, but is able to detect energetic shifts in the body’s meridian system as it relates to food and nutrition, as well as many thousands of environmental stressors like chemicals, metals, electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold and fungus. Identifying the root cause of functional imbalances enables practitioners to efficiently and effectively detoxify, drain, balance and support the body systems.

Owner Mary Veltri says, “For the last 15 years, Zyto Corporation has been a leader in the field of biocommunication, and has created a versatile program that can provide practitioners with valuable information about their clients. Utilizing an expansive database of ‘virtual items’ and the proven technology of galvanic skin response, the same technology used in lie detectors and biofeedback, Zyto technology serves as an interface between the computer and the human body.”

Location: 2177 Shermer Rd., Northbrook. For more information and to make an appointment, call 847-963-6094.