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Learn How the Brain Works

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Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D., will be teaching the course Neuroplasticity Made Simple, at 9 a.m., February 12, about how the mind works and how we store information in the form of memories or programs. Offered by the Infinity Foundation via Zoom, it will explain how the mind naturally updates memories and how we can leverage this naturally occurring phenomenon to our benefit. Our brains adaptability, or plasticity, occurs all the time.

Robbins states, “I have been studying Eutaptics for several years, and worked with hundreds of clients all over the world. Now I want to teach the basics of neuroplasticity to help empower people with this self-awareness on how the mind works and what you can do to change limiting beliefs in a powerful way.”

Participants will learn how to change old limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns, old programs and even behaviors, and start to bring in more and more joyful, empowering thoughts and beliefs.

Cost: $45 to Jan. 22, then $55—course 213161, Neuroplasticity Made Simple. To register, visit For more information, call 862-254-3637 or visit