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Moving Toward Collective Compassion

Forward Together, sponsored by the Infinity Foundation, is a family project to showcase our collective compassion and engender kindness by demonstrating its expression through any medium. The project is intended to give families an opportunity to understand and recognize the importance that acts of kindness can bring about for ourselves and others.

People may participate by taking digital pictures, making a collage or sign, drawing a picture,  painting kindness phrases on stones to leave in a park path or by any other creative endeavor. Acts of kindness develop virtuous feelings and a greater sense of purpose beyond oneself, and inspire a deeper understanding of altruism, empathy and family togetherness.

Entrants will receive an act of kindness bracelet for themselves and one to pass along to keep the act of kindness moving forward. The grand prize is an at-home, family ice cream party. Only U.S. residents are eligible for prizes, but entries are welcome from anywhere in the world. All submissions will be combined into a slide show and posted on the Infinity website and Facebook.

Email a digital picture or .mp4 video submission, including name and age, by Apr. 5 to [email protected], including a brief description of what the act of kindness is expressing. For more information, visit