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Open a Door of Transformation Into 2022

Dec 30, 2021 ● By Susan Curry
A barn door opened to the outside ocean

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

What if we truly walk through a door of transformation on the first of the year, a spiritually responsible reality of creation where the main goal is to be on our own side, owning our empowerment and eliminating the “emotional farts”? What would that look like? Here’s a guide for creating a personal mode of operation that will keep us on that path.

1. Spiritual Amnesia: Pretend that you’re meeting for the very first time. We know how we feel when everything is new in a relationship. We ask questions to stimulate interesting conversation about their interests and experiences. We share things that we have experienced in a fresh light of excitement, looking at our family, friends and colleagues with new clarity, highlighting the pleasantness of their character.

2. Grounding: Making sure our tummies and senses are full of “Earth energy”. Just like not sipping cocktails on an empty stomach, smelling or eating certain nutrients can balance and stabilize us as we enter other energies within the room. The smell of dirt, coffee, palo santo and chocolate are great solutions, as well as consuming a bit of lentils/hummus, almonds, shilajit, chocolate or standing on the earth barefoot, as well as closing our eyes, imaging our feet as roots in the earth and breathing in the blue sky image through the top of our (head) crown three  times will also set us up for success in our meetings and events.

3. Avoid: cane sugar, corn syrup, fried foods. Yes, there are some foods that have these things in them that can be consumed in a state of blissfulness, but as a simple tool for success, absence of these from our human body will set us up for a more easeful experience.

4. Extra Hydration: Water up. Yes, drinking two tall glasses (16 ounces) of water before entering a party scene will actually stimulate your brain and reduce the cloudy, overwhelming feelings.

5. Change Your People Perspective: You know the way you talk to your dog, cat or horse—how you’re so proud of their actions, and they immediately make us glow with delight as they run to meet us at the door. Consider looking at the people in your long-term relationships as you would cute, adorable pets. Tell them how happy you are to see them and how cute they are, that they make you happy every time you see. them. This can be a positively humorous and successful way of shifting the energy into adoration, and release irritation.

6. Shoot Triggers into the Earth: When we feel a strong, uncomfortable emotion, allow it to release through the body into the nearest form of earth, see it actually come out the feet into the earth. Stepping away from the situation and person to another room to release our emotional farts is an emotional intelligence, high-performance tool.

Remembering that feelings of sadness, sorrow, anger and frustration come from old agreements, and choosing not to share these with others any longer is the emotionally responsible way of creating pure peace, honoring that we are strong and capable of doing our own releasing. Let us all practice being more on our own side, owning our empowerment, avoiding an emotional firewalk and seeing beyond the range of ordinary perception.

Susan Curry is a medical intuitive, holistic life coach, nutritional adviser, business strategist, and the founder of InteriorWerx. Learn more at