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Try Spring Sprouts for a Nutritious Boost

Mar 31, 2020 ● By Tiffany Hinton

Photo credit: Tiffany Hinton

"The weather has turned warmer by the day. The ‘worm’ full moon in March marked the beginning of thawing of the ground in preparation for spring planting. The Farmers’ Almanac marks the worm moon as the time the worms begin to emerge from winter and rainy season begins. April is the perfect time to start your planting inside for your summer garden. The seed starts can be a great source of nutrients and cellular energy. The sprouts are packed with antioxidants due to the concentrated nutrient profile. Sprouts can be used to help boost energy levels and aid in detoxifying the body. When planting your spring seeds, be sure to add a few extra for sprouts to eat now,” says GF Mom Certified’s Tiffany Hinton.

Three great ways to enjoy sprouts are: added to a morning smoothie; added to salad; or added to soup or broth right before eating.

Broccoli Sprout Smoothie

Yields: 2 servings

1 banana

½ cup water

½ cup frozen pineapple

¼ cup broccoli sprouts

½ cucumber

1 stalk celery

½ lemon juiced

1 green apple

Mix in a high-speed blender until smooth, approximately 1 minute.

Note: Broccoli sprouts are best harvested when the sprout is five days old.

Recipes courtesy of Tiffany Hinton, GF Mom Certified - Buffalo Grove, IL. Connect on social media @GFMomCertified.

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