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Tips for Optimizing Summer Outdoor Fitness

Jun 30, 2020 ● By Rowena Dziubla

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Now that the weather is getting nicer, think about getting active outside. This not only gets us some vitamin D, but may also include groups of friends and family getting fit together. Here are five tips to maximize outside fitness.

  • Dress appropriately. We often dress for the weather, when we should dress for the activity. If we are comfortable, we will likely want to partake in that activity more frequently.
  • Acquire the proper equipment. We don’t have to buy the best of the best, but consider consulting a coach or expert on what are absolute essentials for the activity. This reduces the risk of injury.
  • Consider how we will fuel our workout—a cheese stick an hour before for long-lasting energy, a piece of fruit for immediate refuel or a protein shake for repair. Fueling our workout properly will give the best results and minimize soreness so we can be active more frequently.
  • Get creative. We don’t need fancy equipment to get a good workout in. Rucking, for example, is a weighted hike that will not only improve core stability, but strengthen the shoulders and burn more calories than walking alone.
  • Enjoy the outside. Put some effort into the workout, but also take the time to appreciate our surroundings and the people we are with, or perhaps allow some time to really focus on our own thoughts. A great outside workout can be just as meditative as an indoor hot yoga flow.
Rowena Dziubla, a certified ACE personal trainer and L1 CrossFit certificate holder, is the owner and head coach of Get Fit EGV. For more information, call 773-819-7459, email [email protected] or visit