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Counseling to Cope with Turbulent Times

Craig Mead, LCSW, LCPC

Upside Counseling, PC, is offering teletherapy as a safe, simple solution for those struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, major life problems and the resulting depression. Craig Mead, LCSW, LCPC, a licensed clinical social worker and professional counselor who has been helping people with their depression and anxiety for more than 25 years, says, “Teletherapy is a safe, easy way to have video counseling sessions from the privacy of your home using a computer or smartphone. It offers benefits like less time and stress, no transportation or parking, no awkward waiting room. You can use the time before your session for yoga or meditation to relax and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.”

Mead integrates traditional psychotherapy with holistic wellness mind-body-spirit practices to help clients overcome depression and anxiety and return to a place of optimum health and genuine happiness. Alternative methods such as meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, breathing techniques and self-hypnosis are encouraged as practical, actionable skills to relieve stress and promote wellness through relaxation and natural self-care. These grounding and self-care tools, he says, are “crucially important as we navigate through these turbulent times when chronic stress and anxiety all too commonly lead to depression.”

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