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Desirably purposeful, determined and unwavering

by Isabella Dussias

With a new year, come new resolutions—new promises that we hope to keep but sometimes forget to abide by. Yet, when we stick to our resolutions it can make all the difference in the new year.

When I surveyed some of my high school friends on what kind of resolutions they would make in 2020, I got a plethora of responses. Some wanted to improve their eating habits and try to lead a healthier lifestyle. Others wanted to exercise more and pay more attention to their physical health. Many shared that they wanted to focus on improving academically.

Why do we embrace this self-reflection in the new year? Who started this tradition? Was the past year really that bad? Do teens feel that they need resolutions or a fresh start?

The answer is an overwhelming “yes” from my peers. I guess we are always striving for perfection, especially in a society where teens often feel judged. Maybe that’s partly due to our own battle with self-confidence as we are emerging as adults. So, we make our resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier, be more organized, etc. You’ve heard them all.

The tricky part is how do we keep these resolutions? The answer is the “resolute” in “resolution”. The hard part is the follow through, the determination to be the best we can be, to be more confident, more assertive, more thoughtful, more kind, and maybe even more kind to ourselves.

So, my New Year’s resolution is to be more resolute—to actually carry out the things I have resolved to do, to be the best version of myself.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2020!

Isabella Dussias is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter/composer from New Jersey. She enjoys writing about issues that are important to today’s youth, and she believes music is an important outlet to connect people and share messages through the creativity of lyric and melody. For more information, please visit