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Remote CyberScans Now Available at Kintsugi Wellness

Jill Briska, DC

Jill Briska, DC, owner of Kintsugi Wellness, in Lombard, is offering $25 off an initial CyberScan. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved technology addresses many chronic health conditions. Briska also does remote scans. The patient can send in a sample of saliva or hair from the convenience of home and the card is shipped back to them.

Treatment begins with a 10-second scan, typically of the hand. A full report of findings including specific balancing frequencies is generated and downloaded to a card. Gently over two weeks, up to 140 frequencies are rebalanced.

Briska was introduced to the quantum physics-based CyberScan by a biological dentist. “I specialize in helping those that have tried everything without success,” she explains. It merges Western and Eastern medicine in 29 countries for chronic health conditions such as allergies, autism, pain, depression, dementia, ADHD, Parkinson’s, addiction and can even be used for pets. CyberScan has been proven in laboratory experiments to improve immune function by more than 149 percent. “You are activating your body to heal itself,” says Briska.

Location: 1263 S. Highland Ave., Ste. 1A. For more information and appointments, call 630-412-1852 or visit