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Tools to Monitor Breast Health

Dec 30, 2019 ● By Erica Cody
by Erica Cody

Thermography is not solely a tool to assist with breast cancer prevention, it is a way to monitor overall breast health. Dr. Thomas Hudson, author of Journey to Hope, a book of self-care and prevention relating to breast cancer, says thermography “can indicate estrogen dominance, an imbalance in estrogen levels associated with higher breast cancer risk. It can detect lymphatic congestion, also a precursor to disease.”

Thermography is a path to learning about physical changes that can be realigned with exercise and stress reduction strategies by seeing active situations in the body. “The effects of diet can also be clearly seen,” notes Hudson. “Women on a typical Western diet who switch to a healthier plant-based diet show remarkable improvement in their thermal patterns.”

There are complementary options for monitoring health such as thermography, mammograms and ultrasound. Thermography, for instance, can be ideal for women with implants or those looking for a less invasive option. Which tools to use are up to the individual and their personal philosophy.

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