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New Midewin for Kids Virtual Education Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service – Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is offering virtual 15- to 20-minute informational sessions, tailored especially to children on various natural resources or conservation topics, at 11 a.m. from June 9 through August 6.

The curriculum includes Fun with Fossils, June 9; Croakin’ Around-Toad or Frog?, June 11; Bird’s the Word, June 16; Prairie Roots, June 17; Prairie Detectives, June 18; Prairie Stories Chalk Art, June 23; Just Batty, June 24; Crayfish Corner, June 25; Prairie Picassos, June 30; Pond Life, July 1; Beaver Tales, July 2; Dragonflies AKA Mosquito Hawks, July 7; Prairie Detectives, July 8; Buzzing About the Prairie, July 9; The Skinny on Mammals, July 14; Coyote Call, July 15; The Life of a Butterfly, July 16; The Prairie Trees, July 21; Moth Quest, July 22; Bird’s the Word, July 23; Prairie Stories Chalk Art, July 28; The Skinny on Mammals, July 29; Fun with Fossils, July 30; Walk Like an Animal, August 4; Just Batty, August 5; and Prairie Detectives, August 6.

To register, call 815-423-6370 or email sm.fs.Midewin_[email protected]. For more information, visit