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Mark Drugs Offers Winter Skincare Tips for Pets

There are plenty of things we can do to protect our pets’ skin and coat during the harsh winter months. A drop in the temperature and indoor humidity can cause cats and dogs much discomfort. As a result, pets can experience itchy, dry and flaky skin.

It is important to keep our home humidified and towel dry the pet as soon as they come inside, paying special attention to feet and in-between the toes. Massaging Mark Drugs Hemp and Olive Soothing Balm for pets before and after the dog or cat goes outside can help protect paw pads while deeply conditioning them. Booties provide even more coverage, and using pet-friendly ice melts whenever possible will further ensure the pet’s paws are protected.

Supporting a healthy immune system for pets during this time is also extremely important. Mark Drugs features Standard Process Canine Immune System Support, a powder-based formulation containing important nutrients from animal tissues, organ meats, glandular products, superfoods, amino acids, plant materials and proven herbs that work with the pet’s immune system to help keep it balanced.

Mark Drugs also has a compounding division for every pet’s unique medicinal needs, which include transdermal gels that can easily enter the bloodstream and are excellent when oral administration is difficult or impossible. Flavored, medicated chew treats or liquids in flavors like beef, liver and peanut butter can also be helpful for oral administration of drugs.

Other medication problems Mark Drugs can solve are specific strengths tailored for any size pet, commercially unavailable drugs and combination products. For wounds, a poloxamer 407 bandage is used that can be impregnated with medicine such as antibiotics, antifungals or any other drug to speed the healing process. A veterinarian may call the pharmacist to discuss the animal’s unique needs.

Since 1990, Mark Drugs has been providing compounded, tailored prescriptions for both people and animals, along with medical equipment, nutritional services and comprehensive, holistic healthcare planning to patients wishing to take control of their own health.


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