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Thermography Useful for Screening Dental Issues

3 different thermography images of a head

Northwest Healing Center specializes in working with their clients to detect health concerns before they become medical emergencies. Founder Erica Cody uses thermography as a tool to help pinpoint the source of difficult-to-diagnose dental pain and referred pain, and says it is an easy and clear process for locating root causes of dental inflammation and infection.

The procedure includes screening for periodontal/gingival infection and inflammation; understanding the source of unexplained dental pain; monitoring the local area for indications of low-grade infection; and monitoring root treatment progress before clients proceed with a permanent filling. Thermography is an effective screening method that can be used in conjunction with regular dental treatments, adds Cody.

Northwest Healing Center employs practical, science-based knowledge for important healthcare decisions. They use advanced modalities such as thermographic imaging and the AO Scan, a bio-resonance device used to detect abnormalities in cells, tissues and organs throughout the body, reset the system to optimal frequencies and detect health concerns before they become a medical emergency. Northwest Healing also offers hypnotherapy sessions.


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