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Clean Air for the Pandemic Era

PurLife Living has partnered with Erica Cody at Northwest Healing Center. Continuing her commitment to improving lives, Cody understands how important it is to breathe clean, healthy air. Filtration devices offered through PurLife Living disinfect air and remove pollutants such as bacteria, allergens, mold, pet dander and viruses. With this revolutionary clean air technology, people can have confidence in the purity of their spaces.

With solutions available for office, home and car, each model uses easy-to-clean reusable filters instead of HEPA filters which generate unnecessary waste and can harbor bacteria and mold over time. The front display area of the air purifier will notify owners when a cleaning is needed. They are also offering a cost-effective, lease-to-own program to help businesses re-open after COVID-19 closures.

Cody’s mission is to promote health, relaxation and well-being. At Northwest Healing Center, she continues to offer thermography and AO (bioresonance) scans as discovery tools for preventive wellness. Now she is also offering products for home, office and car that clean indoor air through ionic wind filtration technology.

Erica Cody

Northwest Healing Center

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