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Decluttering Our World Through Movement

May 24, 2020 ● By Erica Hornthal
by Erica Hornthal

We might want to consider the concept of spring cleaning from the perspective of movement. The need to organize and clean doesn’t have to be reserved for the bedroom, apartment or office. We can declutter our life by changing the way we move through our environment.

It might be surprising how easy it is to declutter when the body inhabiting it is more organized.

Create space in the body: When experienced in a safe and supportive way, taking up space can provide a sense of mastery and control over our environment, not to mention a greater ability to ground and center the self.

Clear the mind: Identifying thoughts that clutter the mind and finding a way to manage the emotions they evoke is another way to declutter the self. Try a guided imagery, a mindful meditation or simply practice mindfulness throughout the day.

Simplify movements: Notice how each part of the body moves and how we can oscillate between simple and complex actions in the body. Essentially, by deconstructing the movements, we can declutter the body.

Erica Hornthal, MA, LCPC, BC-DMT, is the owner of Chicago Dance Therapy, Inc. For more information, call 847-848-0697.