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GF Mom Certified Influencer Launches Lifestyle Workbook and Online Program

Hacking Your Health: 3-Week Detox book cover with plates of food on it

Health influencer GF Mom Certified Tiffany Hinton will launch a new book and accompanying interactive lifestyle workbook program, titled Hacking Your Health: 3-Week Detox, on June 17, with a corresponding social media series for those in search of a healthier, gluten-free lifestyle.

Hacking Your Health: 3-Week Detox breaks down the simple steps of a three-week detoxification process using whole foods, functional medicine principles and lifestyle storytelling. It features recipes, grocery shopping support, journaling, product recommendations and more, and encourages the wellness seeker to interact with the GF Mom Certified blog and social media community as a support network, bringing more support for an effective lifestyle change. More than simply a wellness book, the detox program and social media series is designed with autoimmune women in mind.

Connect with Hinton at or GF MomCertified
@gfmomcertified. Buy the book at