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Third Annual Allergen-Sensitive Holiday Guide Launches in November

The Hinton Family sitting around a dining table eating

The Hinton Family

Anyone can become an allergen-sensitive elf this holiday season with GF Mom Certified and their third annual allergen sensitive holiday guide. GF Mom Certified Tiffany Hinton says, “You’re cordially invited to the Hinton home. More than just a gift guide, this healthy lifestyle-focused booklet features resources for those in the allergen and gluten-free community, holiday gift suggestions, recipes, exclusive giveaways, coupon codes and more.”

The 2021 GF Mom Certified Holiday Guide is available for download on Amazon
starting November 8. Join Hinton and fellow wellness warriors for an Instagram Digital Launch Party from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., November 19. Hinton and friends will be sharing live interviews, offering cooking and crafting demonstrations, giving away free gifts and providing a chance for the community to celebrate the holiday season.
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